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There were four business women, a Coach and a table of croissants …

I've been holding regular face to face meet ups for some of the clients I work with recently. Leigh Cooke from came along and shares her experience with you below. If you'd be interested in attending a future event, send an e-mail to and I'll be in touch.

I was lucky enough to be invited to sit at the table of one of my favourite people recently for a personal Mini Meet and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Laura Duggal has coached me and I’ve also worked for her – so there’s much love here. She’s an incredible human being for so many reasons and a really effective coach.

She told me she had selected a few like-minded clients to her home in Cheltenham for a ‘Mini Meet’, and I jumped at the chance.

Laura’s home was as gorgeous and as welcoming as I had expected – just like her. And her other guests were just as lovely …and surprising.

A business woman I had messaged that very morning (and now have a lovely friendship with). A client I had just started working with! And THE most incredible Mum Boss who I had heard so much about but had never met in person. Talk about your all-time favourite dinner guests! Throw in Sir David Attenborough and it would have been a guest list of dreams!

Much melon was consumed (the nutritionist), bucket loads of coffee (my new high-flyer friend) and a perfectly arranged selection of breakfast buffet (by the creative). Me? I took in a great big wedge of ideas, inspiration and accountability. And by the end, I was full.

We shared stories, asked questions, gave advice and Laura gave us some powerful exercises to complete. Thankfully nothing at all physical as I had overdone the croissants.

The whole morning was a real eye-opener and put some much-needed fire in my belly …I had left some room for that. It also felt very nurturing and supportive. I suppose a mix of group coaching, some relaxed networking and a big dollop of female support.

As we left, after an obligatory natter on the driveway, I drove away with a heightened sense of purpose and focus. This wasn’t surprising to me, as this is what Laura manages to do so well as a coach. It’s intuitive to her, natural, to get inside your heart and head and understand perfectly what you need to do next. And most importantly help you do just that.

Laura’s Mini Meet was a huge success. The four of us business women created our own Whataspp group called ‘Make it happen’ where we promised to continue our support of each other. Laura followed up with some homework to keep our momentum going. And a few weeks on, I am sticking to the habits I promised myself I would keep.

There’s something about talking about these things out loud - in a safe place, which helps these things stick. And that’s really hard if you work for yourself and are caught up with the lonely fire-fighting nature of running your own business. To be able to step away for a couple of hours, get some clarity and focus and engage with an empathetic and empowering sounding board of women, was pretty amazing.

If you’d like to attend a Mini Meet with Laura, she runs them monthly. You can e-mail Laura at if you’d like to be considered for the next one.

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