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The first thing you should know is that I’m a Mum who returned to work myself. So, I completely understand the massive change in life after having children.

I’m also from a HR and recruitment background. This means that I’m able to apply this knowledge and experience when coaching clients. Having those skills and insight is what allows me to give the best possible, comprehensive and practical advice. And I think it’s what makes me just a little unique. 

Plus of course, I have my qualifications - an EMCC Diploma for Professional Coaches, a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, amongst others. 


After returning to work after maternity leave, there was no ‘back to work’ programme to support me – which seemed crazy.

That feeling of confusion, worry and guilt was overwhelming. How was I going to fit it all in? What about the practicalities, time management, my confidence and new identity?

I quickly realised that the 9-5 wasn’t going to work for me after having my daughter. I wanted to pursue my passion for coaching – which is something I really loved about my career in HR. And I was good at it. 

So, I set about my mission to provide the support for Mums that I wish I had when I returned to work. 

Mums who want to feel confident and in control when returning to their professional career. And also, Mums who want to do something different, like I did. 

I’m really proud and excited that I can work with women to understand that you’ve got yourself a whole bunch of new skills when you become a Mum, and you have the power to shape a career which makes you feel fulfilled and happy – whatever that looks like. 

Would you like to find out more about the packages I offer?


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