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When a Mum chooses not to return to work there are substantial cost implications to a business including - the cost of recruitment, retraining and loss of knowledge, which can all impact on the company’s performance. 

Coaching enables women, and the company, to align their expectations and priorities.   

This not only ensures the company retains talent, but also provides the employee with an increased sense of wellbeing.



  • Smooth transition for returning employees and team members

  • No recruitment or re-training costs

  • Retention of knowledge and employee

  • Employees remain motivated and engaged at work

  • Increased and improved open communication

  • Improved planning and implementation of any handover

  • Demonstrating good practice as a caring and forward-thinking employer


  • External, objective environment to safely discuss the practicalities and concerns around returning to work

  • Support in managing re-entry to the workplace while still balancing role as a Mum

  • Increased feelings of positivity returning to work

  • Feeling more confident in skills and experience when returning to work 

  • Gives allocated time to think through and plan next steps

  • Confirmation of working for a caring employer, strengthening the psychological contract



Just as every woman is different, so is her career – and the business she works for. 

Whatever you decide, I’ll be on board at every stage – from the start to help set objectives and expectations of the programme, right through to the end of the coaching sessions to assess any needs moving forward.

My background is in HR and Recruitment. I have worked within organisations, with individuals and as an Associate supporting women through different stages of their careers for almost 15 years. 

I am an Accredited member of the EMCC with a Diploma for Professional Coaches, qualified to CIPD Level 7,and I also have a BSc Honours Degree in Psychology. 

I am based in Cheltenham and sessions can be held personally at your business premises, or anywhere in the world via Skype.


To discuss the ways I can help your business send me an e-mail at and I’ll be in touch to arrange a call. 

Laura is professional, respectful, supportive and caring. She has a positive approach and offers encouragement, advice and guidance. She has enabled me to look more closely at my job opportunities, becoming more proactive and responsible about the choices I make. I feel positive, happy and enthusiastic about the future.


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