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If you’re visiting my website you’re probably feeling at a crossroads. You’re frustrated with your current situation but you don’t know how to make a change. You have lots of ideas but they all seem impossible. You’re frightened of NOT making a change meaning that you’ll carry on doing something ‘good enough’ but not what you LOVE for the rest of your career. 

I started my business for women just like you. I’ve been there so I know how it feels. When I was working in my public sector HR job, I never dreamed I’d be doing what I LOVED every day now. But I am, so I know it’s possible, and if it’s possible for me it’s possible for you too.

I’d love to help you change direction too. Take a look at my posts, read some of my articles and when you’re ready, if you think I’m for you, get in touch and we’ll work it out together. 

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It was really useful to talk through where I am with my work/life balance and where I want to be - it actually made me realise how lucky I am to be where I am! I now have a clear plan as to what I need to do! You were patient and calm and gave me an alternative viewpoint which was invaluable.


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