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4 Signs that you're ready to start your own business: take the test

You’ve had the idea. You’ve created the vision board. You’ve even planned your leaving party. Now, let’s see if you could join the 72% of self-employed women who run their own business and say they are in their dream job.

1. Your ideas are keeping you awake at night

No longer is your baby disturbing your sleep – it’s the bloomin’ brilliant ideas you keep having (well, ok, maybe a mixture of the two!). The excitement of all the possibilities are flooding your brain and giving you little headspace for anything else. And the more you think about it, the more sense it’s starting to make. This. Could. Just. Work.

2. The buzz you’re feeling is intoxicating

When the thought of your venture pops into your head, your belly flips a little. Fear, giddy excitement, doubt and enthusiasm – all rolled into one big ball. You want to stand up and shout “I’m going to become a business owner!” But at the same time you’re petrified and don’t know how to describe what you want to do.

3. My gosh, how things have changed

The stack of self-help and business books on your bedside table are inches from the ceiling. You’ve ditched scrolling The Gram of an evening in favour of LinkedIn stalking. And your new crush is no longer Mr Hardy, it’s Sir Alan Sugar. You’re fully immersed in the world of entrepreneurialism and it feels good to be here.

4. You wonder…can I actually do this?

All of the self-doubt and stories you’ve told yourself come creeping in. And you wonder what everyone will think. Who does she think she is?! How on earth do you think you can manage running a business and having children too? And how do you take this idea and make it into a real-life business which supports your family?

Any of this ringing a bell with you? By the way, number four is completely healthy and normal. AND it’s something you can work on. It would be weird if you didn’t have these thoughts. The Alan Sugar thing? You’re on your own with that one.

What I can help you with is a space to reflect, identify strengths, set goals, build confidence and loads more. I’m not a ‘quick-fix take your money and run’ kinda girl! I’m a career coach who will work closely with you, 1:1, over a period of time to support your dream of working for yourself – and all that this means to you.

I’d love it if you got in touch with me and told me more about your ideas. And I can share with you all the ways I can help.

If you’re ready, I’m waiting! You can book a free Taster Coaching Session with me now.

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