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5 Benefits of Return To Work Coaching

Having children can be a major transitional moment in a person's life. Whilst an exciting time for many, it can be fraught with complex emotional and practical issues. Challenges can arise which make them think they cannot possibly continue on their career path or they may lack confidence when they do decide to step back into the workplace. If the emotional and practical issues are not dealt with new parents may feel unable to continue in their business role.

Return to work coaching enables employees to take the time and space to align their expectations and priorities with their new identity as a parent and the organisation they work for. This not only means that the company retains talent but it also provides employees with an increased sense of well-being and confidence on their return.

Some benefits new parents share of return to work coaching include:

1. An external, objective environment to safely discuss the practicalities and concerns around returning to work.

Coaching conversations can be deeply personal and while the outcome might be discussed with a line manager at a later date, these are topics that may be difficult to raise in a work environment.

2. Increased feelings of positivity returning to work.

Coaching can provide an environment focussed on a positive future and gives coachees tools to understand themselves and their goals better.

3. Feeling more confident in skills and experience when returning to work.

Talking through fears and concerns can help remind returners of their strengths and gives time for them to prepare a plan to tackle the worst case scenarios playing out for them.

4. Gives allocated time to think through and plan next steps.

Many new parents are still as ambitious (if not more so) as they were before they had their children. Working with a coach can help them to think through their new career goals and prepare them to talk these through with their line manager.

5. Confirmation of working for a caring employer, strengthening the psychological contract.

In any relationship feeling seen, heard and cared for is of utmost importance. It is no different in the employer / employee relationship. Knowing that an organisation cares about how you are feeling builds on the psychological contract, loyalty and good will.

Although each person will go through a completely unique experience of parenthood, some of the common topics coaching sessions are used for include thinking through practicalities such as childcare and handovers, time management and work life balance, professional identity and becoming a parent, amongst others.

To find out more about how return to work coaching can help you make a smooth transition back to your organisation, take the next step by watching our video series covering the entire journey. You may also want to share this your Line Manager or HR Department.

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