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8 Signs that you're ready for coaching

You’ve probably considered coaching before. Maybe a fleeting moment when you’ve felt that you’ve needed …something. Perhaps a friend has mentioned their coaching experience and it’s triggered some excitement within you. Sometimes we feel confused, overwhelmed or a little lost - and speaking to family and reading articles isn’t quite enough. You promise yourself you’ll do something about it, another time. And don’t.

That’s ok. You weren’t ready then. And with coaching, it’s ALL about the timing. You’ve got to be all in. And if you’re reading this, it’s possible that you are. Here are some clues.

You know you’re ready for coaching when …

1. You’re ready for change – When you know, you know. The comfort zone that you’ve created for yourself, isn’t comfortable anymore. Something is niggling away at you and won’t be ignored.

2. You’re ready to take action – There’s fire in your belly and you don’t want to waste a single minute in putting yourself out there. You’re done with thinking, pondering, weighing things up.

3. You don't mind that it's going to be hard work – You’re optimistic, but realistic. And actually, the challenge of some good honest graft feels quite appealing. You know there’s no magic wand answer and that’s cool with you.

4. You've tried other things – Your mountain of self-help books have been consumed and the training courses you’ve tried got your juices flowing, but not enough to make a massive difference. The momentum has fizzled out.

5. You're willing to learn - Mostly about yourself! You’re ready to ask yourself what it is that you really want - what makes you tick, makes you smile, makes you jump out of bed in the mornings?

6. You're willing to be vulnerable, open and honest – Telling yourself “you’ve got this” and “I know EXACTLY what I want” and not quite believing yourself, is likely to transform into “I’m scared, I’m confused and I want to hide” …and you’re okay with that!

7. You want some feedback – The business books, the training courses, your best mates – they all make sense and the information has sunk in and been digested, but you need to hash it out. You want someone in the know, who understands you – to help you dig deep and blimmin’ well bring it out of you.

8. You're committed to your own development – Dedicating this time, effort and financial investment in YOU, is going to set you off in the right direction, give you an unshakeable foundation and ultimately make you really happy. Everything else can wait.

If after reading this, you’re smiling, nodding or feeling some excited butterflies in your belly …you’re ready! It’s time. Woo hoo!

The first thing you need to do is make an appointment, take along that fire in your belly and open up your world to opportunity, possibilities and passion.

I work with Mums returning to work after maternity leave or a career break. And I’d love to help you focus and develop this energy within you. E-mail me at today.

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