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Children, change and fabulous opportunities

Change. It’s inevitable after having children. Our bodies. Homes. Feelings. Priorities. You cannot deny, we are different people now.

Different. With brand new skills. Limitless strength. And we absolutely know what we want …and what we don’t.

You might feel like you’re having a wobble. Or that you’re dreading your maternity leave ending. You may have already returned to your job, and everything feels out of place.

I’m here to tell you, my friend, grab that feeling. Seize it. Embrace it. Hold it dear. Because now is the time to change your life and make it exactly how you want it to be.

You deserve to be happy – whatever that looks like to you. And you CAN create a life and a career that works perfectly for you.

It may not look like anybody else’s life, so what? You might not be able to work out how you are going to get there, that’s ok. And you are definitely in for some hard graft and scary times. Bring it on – because you are super strong now and it will so be worth it.

My passion is helping women navigate that change. And nothing makes me happier than helping my clients start on an exciting path of opportunities and getting the life they dream of at the end of it.

That’s exactly what I did .Although I liked what I did for a job, the 9-5 wasn’t for me after having my daughter. So, I allowed myself to think about what it was I wanted. And that’s where it begins. Clearing your head, shutting out the noise, opinions, fears and doubts – and asking yourself what it is you want.

Let’s start with a few simple questions for you think about:

· What kind of parent do you want to be?

· Do you need to work?

· Do you want to?

· What else could you do?

· What brings you energy and joy in your life?

· What’s the secret dream you have that you’re not telling anyone?

· What do you want your day to look like?

· What would make you go to bed at night really happy, and jump out of bed the next morning with giddiness?

Please believe me, that could be you. Ditching the Sunday night feeling of dread. The feeling of guilt or being torn between children and work. Having a life that you’ve created. You can achieve this. You don’t have to trudge through life, having a job you resent and never feeling truly happy or fulfilled.

And although you might feel at your weakest at the moment. A bit lost and overwhelmed. Having those feelings and recognising them is your first step to taking control and starting that change. Little steps to start with, then great big strides!

I’d love to be the person to help you achieve it. It would make me as happy as it will you! As your coach, I’ll help you work out the practicalities, cheer you on at every stage, be your sounding board, your rock. Together we’ll hatch a plan and see it thorough! You might not believe that’s possible just yet. That’s ok, I do.

Pick a date right now for us to have a chat about how you’re feeling. There’s no charge or obligation. And we can Facetime or Skype. I promise it will be the start of change in your life.

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