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Don’t hire a coach until you’ve read this

Okay, so I just happen to be a coach. But you need to hear me out. Here’s why …

a) I’ve heard from so many of my clients about how they’ve not benefited from hiring a coach. They’ve wasted their time and money by picking the wrong coach for them. And I genuinely want to prevent that from happening to you.

b) I’m not going to tell you why you should choose me as your coach, so you can safely read on without being bombarded with my sales pitch.


Here are my 7 tips for hiring a coach:

1. Stalk them

You know what to do – loads of online research, watch their content, check out their credentials and read their testimonials.

2. Find a specialist

I’m a career coach working with Mums. That’s my niche, my passion, my expertise. Find a coach who is a specialist in helping people in your unique situation.

3. Call them

It’s all about rapport. Do they get you? Is there chemistry? Notice how you feel after the call. Are you energised and excited or drained and turned off?

4. Quiz them about their style

Are they more of a mentor or a coach? Are they gentle or ball busting? Do they challenge or push back. Have a think about what you’re looking for from a coach and if they’re right for you. There are so many coaches out there, all working in different ways it’s important to find the one who’s right for you.

5. Be practical

How will your meetings take place – phone, video chat, face to face? If you need to make an hours journey to get to them, when your wanting some support around time management, maybe this isn’t the coach for you?

6. Talk money

Find out how you will be charged and what services you’ll receive in return. A professional coach is worth their weight in gold, so be wary of anybody offering a cheap option. Likewise, if you find a coach you love but they are out of your price range – don’t commit. It won’t be worth the stress. But do ask if there is a payment plan. It’s always good to get that in writing.

7. Note the red flags

If they can’t share real examples of how they’ve helped people just like you, if their credentials aren’t up to date and if you’re not 100% clear on what you can expect from your investment …walk away. A great coach won’t give you the hard sell as they know the commitment must come from you.

One of the reasons I became a career coach for Mums is because I was a Mum …who wanted to change career! And I found it so hard to find help when I was taking my first steps on the road to transforming my life.

I want you to know that there are some amazing coaches out there who will inspire and energise you. I’m so incredibly proud to be part of this industry, this pool of people who want to use their skills, passion and drive to help others to achieve success.

My tips are not meant to scaremonger, but help you realise that there is no one size fits all when it comes to deciding on a career coach. It’s a big investment and you need to choose wisely.

Good luck on your journey.

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