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Meet Fiona: Client Case Study

If you're wondering if we'd be a good fit together, take a look at what Fiona says about her experience of working with me.

Name: Fiona Reith

Job Title: Career Coach

Why did you come to coaching initially?

I’d had a coach before so I knew that the process works really well for me. I approached Laura to work with me as I had left my job in education management with the aim of launching my own coaching practice. I had lots of plans but I wasn’t getting anywhere and needed support to prioritise and get into action. Laura’s social media presence let me experience her style in advance and we hit it off right away.

What did we do together that made a difference?

Laura always asks fantastic questions that make you think and stay with you. Our sessions allowed me to structure my thinking and, in turn, my business. She helped me stay true to my mission to balance work with family as well as understand my attitudes to money better.

The fact that she has her own successful coaching practice and was so generous in her support was a bonus.

What were the outcomes of the coaching programme?

By the end of our time working together I had defined clear business messaging, launched my website and started attracting my ideal clients. I had also developed sustainable working practices to keep me on-track. I felt supported and confident in my new venture.

How would you describe working with me in 3 words?

Supportive, stretching, successful

If you're ready to start working with a Career Coach and you'd like to see if we'd be a good fit, book in for a call using this link:

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