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Meet Georgina: Client Case Study

Meet Georgina.

We worked together when she was looking for a new challenge in her career.

This is what she said about the experience.

Name: Georgina Thompson

Job Title: Project Manager

Why did you contact me initially?

I was in a funk, between roles and not excited at the thought of going back in to the same role I'd just left. I'd always wanted to go in to project management but really didn't have the self confidence that I was capable of it. I reached out to get your advice on the state of my CV/LinledIn profile to have it ready to look at the new area of work I was applying for. By the time we started working together I'd found a job I wanted to apply for (my current role) and been invited for an interview.

How did the coaching programme make a difference to you?

We spent our time on a call talking through answers for questions you’d shared in advance. Practising my answers is something I'd never done before! Your help on sharing some questions that might arise was really useful, it helped ease the uncertainty I had of going for a completely new role (on paper) for me.

It turns out I've spent a lot of time over the years in various role performing the key elements of being a project manager so I felt comforted and it eased the fear of going for that interview. Once I had an offer I was able to bounce back my thoughts with you on how best to negotiate the right deal for me, you challenged me again here which helped to push my confidence further.

What were the outcomes of us working together?

The time spent with you didn't just help me secure a new job in a new role that I wanted, it also opened my eyes to what I'm capable of more widely, a real (very much needed at that time) confidence boost.

How would you describe working with me in 3 words?

Positive, rewarding and impactful

If you’d like to talk about how I can support you in a similar situation, book in for a call using this link.

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