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Preparing for Maternity Leave

Sarah Turner and I have put together a video series taking you through a ‘typical’ maternity return coaching programme. This is the second video of the series and we're focusing on preparing for maternity leave.

Although we often refer to maternity coaching as ‘Maternity Return’ or ‘Return to Work’ coaching, many of the assignments we undertake start well before the return to work. Some start before the period of maternity leave has even started.

Although each individual will deal with this situation differently, and our coaching approach is always tailored to the coachee, we share in this second video of the series some of the common themes and advice we give at this stage.

They include:

1. Find a buddy

2. Plan your KIT days

3. Let Go

If you have any questions, feel free to be in touch.

You can watch the first video of the series here.

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