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Preparing to Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Welcome to the third video in our Successful Return to Work video series covering each stage of Maternity Leave.

In this video we will be talking about the conversations that might happen when you are preparing to return to work.

We cover:

* Phased returns

* Trial runs

*Managing expectations

Phased returns

During your maternity leave it is useful to start thinking about what would be the best way for you to return to your work in order to ease in to it and not feel overwhelmed. Going from full time being at home to full time being at work can be quite a big shock and phased returns can help you support yourself to make the transition back to work more smooth.

Trial runs

Trial runs are an opportunity to test the waters before you actually return to work and have conversations about who is going to be doing what and when. It allows you to work out what works for your family before the actual day of return.

Managing expectations

It is important to start thinking about managing expectations, especially your own, quite early on. You will be entering a new phase of your life and will have expectation of what kind of person you will be. Seeing the reality against these expectations can be difficult, so it is crucial to be kind to yourself and think about what you can compromise on. Trying to do everything on a perfect level can lead to burnout and is not sustainable, so managing your expectations is important.

Coaching can be valuable at this stage in order to create space to have a conversation to recognise what is tough, who can you ask for help etc.

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Video 4: Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Often the main focus of maternity coaching, the time of your return to work can be challenging and emotional, yet for many, a welcome opportunity to reconnect with your career.

Women can have vastly different experiences of this time, and coaching offers you the chance to think through what this means for you personally. In this final video we explore some of the topics that tend to arise at this time and share some of our top tips for easing you back to work.

About Sarah Turner:

Sarah is an ICF accredited Executive and Maternity coach with a background in HR, Diversity and Inclusion and Occupational Psychology. She brings a wealth of experience of working with leaders and businesses, combined with her rich and deep knowledge of psychology, behavioural change and systemic coaching to support organisations who wish to optimise their talent. A mum herself, Sarah has experienced maternity leave and she has coached numerous women and working parents as they navigate their own journey into parenthood. She brings compassion and empathy to her maternity coaching, priding herself on offering a supportive but empowering space where her clients feel heard and able to find their own way through this stage of their lives.


Instagram: @the_maternity_coach

LinkedIn: @sarahturnerbloompeople

About Laura Duggal:

Laura is an EMCC qualified and accredited coach with a background in HR and Recruitment. She has 15 years experience of coaching individuals around their professional and personal development. Her own experience of returning to work after having her daughter highlighted that there was a need for more robust support through this transition which led her to specialise in return to work coaching. Clients have shared that they find her to be warm and down to earth, giving them a renewed sense of self believe, motivation and tools to cope in a fast paced and often challenging world. Her coaching approach is grounded in Positive Psychology focusing on mental health and wellbeing. She sees her role as providing a safe and calm space for those facing uncertainty and making big changes in their lives.


Instagram: @lauraduggalcoaching

LinkedIn: @lauraduggalcoaching

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