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The BIG 2020 countdown challenge

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking it’s a good idea to keep your plans, ideas and passions on the back burner until 2020 arrives. After all, that’s what new year is all about right? Isn’t it just easier to wind down now, take it easy – change can wait?

But don’t you want to hit the ground running in 2020? Be first out of the blocks and start how you mean to go on? Haven’t you had enough of feeling in a rut, like you’re missing opportunities and wasting your talent? Do you want change now? Yes? Then you simply have to keep the momentum going.

Here’s 6 things you can do in the run up to the new year to ensure 2020 starts with a bang …

1. Goal setting tip – A good tip as a simple starting point is to ask yourself “What am I doing at the moment that I want to take forward with me, and what are the things that I want to leave behind?” This will help you challenge where your goals are coming from and if they are realistic.

2. Confidence hack – If you’re on the verge of changing your career, find somebody who has done what you want to do and ask them for half an hour of their time to ask them how they did it.

3. Reading recommendation – Something a little different! ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’. Inspire yourself and your children with real stories of incredible women. This makes for a super Christmas gift too!

4. Challenge yourself to make time – You’re reading this! Which tells me you have 5 minutes to spare today. I challenge you to commit 5 minutes each day this month to swap social media for writing down ideas about the career you’d like to have.

5. Ban procrastination – Being a perfectionist and striving for the highest standards will stop you in your tracks. Review your to do list and break the first item down into the smallest most actionable chunks. Then just do it!

6. Commit to a coaching programme – Don’t be a serial resolution setter – keep your momentum going for the whole of 2020. This time next year, you really don’t want to be in the same place as you are now. By committing to a year long coaching programme, you’re making a promise to yourself that you deserve change and all the exciting things that come with that. Here’s a little video on my own coaching programme, have a look and see if it’s for you.

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