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THE Christmas gift for 2019: you can’t afford not to read this

How much value do you place on your career? I mean actual monetary value.

It’s what we spend most of our life doing. It can make us happy. Or really unhappy. It’s how we survive – pay our mortgage, bills and fund family holidays.

And yet, when asked the question ‘how much would you invest in a career coach’ – the answer is sometimes ‘not that much’ or even ‘nothing’.

And that’s great if you have a career which fulfils you, challenges you, brings you excitement and provides for you fully.

But, if your career doesn’t deliver any of those things, then the answer should be ‘I’ll invest as much as it takes to get me there’.

Think about it, with Christmas fast approaching, you won’t give a second thought to splashing out on gifts for the people you love. Hundreds of pounds from your bank account so that somebody knows that you care about them and want to bring them some joy that day.

Well, what about you? What about investing in you - the person you should care about the most? Don’t you deserve joy? Not just for that moment when a gift is unwrapped, and then let’s face it - forgotten about pretty quickly. But every day of your life.

What if you put the same value on your own happiness as you do on Christmas gifts for others?

Now, I’m not suggesting you ditch Christmas and send a blanket email to your loved ones telling them you’ve spent all your cash on yourself! It’s not a question of ‘you or them’, In fact it’s not even a question of money.

It’s about recognising that your career is absolutely one of THE most important parts of your life. And if you need to change what you do to earn a living, or how you do it – then engaging a coach to help you get there is not just a good idea …it’s vital!

Imagine waking up every morning and feeling excited about work that day. Perhaps running your own business. That’s life-altering stuff. There’s where you should be investing your money. Not on a FitBit for your husband’s ‘man drawer’ – never to see the light of day after January!

I understand when people say ‘but I just can’t afford it at the moment’. It’s because they can’t see the value in it. But if I were to say, I can sell you a perfectly safe pill that would change your life for the better and bring you happiness every day – and it’s only £1,000 …would you buy it?

Of course you would. And if only it was that easy. But what I can guarantee, is if you take that money and invest it in a really good coach, the results can be the same.

So, it’s Thanksgiving this month – Thursday 28th November. A day to reflect on the positives. And I would love it if you gave thanks to you and made the positive decision to make 2020 your year by finding your career coach.

It’s the gift to yourself that just keeps giving …

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