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The ONLY thing you need to run your own business

I’m telling you, it’s true. The ONE thing you need to run your own successful business is something you already have, something you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for and it’s something that’s absolutely unique to you.


Don’t stop reading! This isn’t one of those wishy-washy articles where you learn absolutely nothing. This is stuff you NEED to know if you’re thinking of starting your own business.

“Launching a business simply to make money is likely to result in failure.” Wasn’t me. Richard Branson said it.

And I for one happen to agree with him! If you have an idea for a business that lights you up, makes you giddy and puts a smile on your chops when your alarm goes off …that’s it right there. That’s what will drive you forward and bring you happiness, success and profit.

All of the funding, support, technical whizziness and Facebooks ads are a waste of time if your business is not built on a solid foundation of passion. Whether it’s a passion to help people, educate others, make houses and people more beautiful, share your love of yoga or create delicious food …that passion is the only thing that will drive your business forward.

So that’s great. Can I stop reading now? Nope!

Your passion needs to be nurtured. Otherwise it will fizzle out like a cheap sparkler. If you’re about to launch a business, here’s how to keep the passion for what you love burning bright.

Take care of yourself - Having passion for what you do for a career is one thing. But when you work for yourself, you need to take care of yourself. And that means nurturing your body, mind and soul – a good amount of sleep, good food and time for you. It can be so easy to become consumed with your business, but by forgetting about the engine of the business …you, that passion can only take you so far.

Develop good associations - Being around people you admire and who have similar passions to you will help inspire and motivate you. It may be that when you first launch your business, it’s just you and your laptop at the kitchen table. Try to fill your life with people who can support you and spur you on.

Delegate - If you don’t have passion for the smaller, more mundane jobs and they are draining you emotionally – outsource them. If you’re making enough profit, hire a PA, get a cleaner, have someone else manage your Insta. It’s a real challenge when you first start your own business to change your view of yourself, but you’re the boss now, baby! Your time is better spent on the big stuff. Would Richard Branson have his hand down the loo or spend his evenings doing his VAT return?

And if you’re thinking you’d quite like to start your own business, but don’t feel like you have a natural passion for anything – here’s a tip for you. You can develop a passion by exploring opportunities. Take that art class, join your friend at the gym, read that book. It’s only by trying different things, perhaps activities which you might think you’d hate – that will spark an emotion within you. Plus, by simply being engaged with life and excited about new opportunities you’ll have an instant shift in mindset and feel more open and positive towards change.

I started my business with a passion – to support Mums who want to change career. As a self-employed coach and Mum myself, I understand what it takes to turn that passion into a business and keep that fire burning!

If you’d like to chat about your passion, you can book yourself a call in my diary here.

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