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Client Case Study

What kind of people do I work with?

Let me tell you about one of my previous clients.

When we first talked, she was working in a successful Project Management role.

She liked her job and it paid well, but it didn’t satisfy any deep fulfilment for her.

When we started working together, she wanted to decide whether she should stay in her job or work for herself. If she did work for herself, what that would look like and to have an action plan to work to.

Over 6 sessions she realised, in the back of her mind she had a dream that she’d run her own yoga studio and offer retreats, but it was something she’d never dared said out loud.

During her sessions she built on this idea and started with some small steps, taking a qualification that allowed her to teach yoga to others and building relationships with local studios.

By the time we finished working together she’d decided to stay in her full time role, and started to teach classes on a freelance basis in the evening at her local yoga studio.

If you’d like to explore how I can support you, book in for a call using this link to my diary:

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