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What do my clients say?

Andrea started working with me towards the end of her maternity leave at the beginning of 2020. I asked her to explain why she came to coaching initially and the benefits of the work we did together and this is what she said…

Name: Andrea Byrne

Job Title: Television Presenter

“I was coming to the end of my maternity leave and I had made a rather daunting decision to go part-time on my return to work, because it was important to me to be able to work more flexibly around my family responsibilities. However, I didn't want to compromise on career development, having worked hard to get where I was.

I felt at a crossroads in terms of how the second half of my career might look and I wanted to continue developing myself as a working mum and a role model for my daughter. I had plenty of ideas, but they needed untangling. Plus, I needed the confidence to pursue them.

During the coaching programme, some things that really made a difference were the DISC personality assessment, a visualisation to determine my priorities and creating a timetable and work ethic for my writing.

Now, at the end of the programme I have successfully narrowed down my ideas and begun to work on many of them. I have a renewed sense of confidence and motivation to network within the workplace to drive forward my ambitions and ideas.

I have had a successful board interview for an non-executive advisory role to compliment my main working role. I have developed a writing strategy for my book and a proposal, which I am in the process of submitting.

Increased confidence has also helped me keep a view on the bigger picture and focus on my successes, so I can still push forward despite any setbacks.”

If you’d like to explore how I can support you through a similar situation, feel free to e-mail me at or book in for a complimentary call using this link to my diary:

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