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What happens on an initial call?

If you’re feeling curious about coaching but you’re not sure what an initial call looks like, I thought I’d outline here what normally happens.

If you’re worried that a call with me would feel salesy or that I might try and push you into something you’re not ready to commit to, I can assure that’s not at all the intention of them. Anyone who knows me will tell you, that’s not my style at all.

In terms of the process, what normally happens is that you might see my posts on Linked In or on my website and be interested in potentially working with me. The next stage is to book a call using my Calendly link, it’s a link to my diary that you click on and you can choose a time that suits you. I’ll then send you a zoom link, and that’s where the initial call takes place, so that we can see each other.

On the day of the call, we’ll meet in our zoom room, and the calls tend to last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Lots of coaches call these ‘discovery calls’ because I guess that’s what it is, a chance to discover, are we a good fit together? I tend to call them initial chat’s because that’s how I see them, at a push an exploration call, where we can explore what it would feel like to work together.

So much of working with a coach, successfully is about that relationship. You have to be able to trust them, to feel some sort of click with them, that they get you. You’re probably going to be talking about some pretty personal stuff, so it is really important that you pay attention to how you feel in these initial conversations.

I would say that about initial calls with any coach you speak to, pay attention to how you feel during the call, how you feel afterwards. Do you feel excited, did you like them? Are you going to be able to open up to them?

Generally I’ll ask you to kick off and share a bit about what’s lead you to the call in the first place, what you’re wanting to achieve and what your current situation's like. I’ll most likely ask you what you’ve tried already and what you’re finding the most difficult. I want to know what you’re stuck on, what you’re looking for from a coach and I’ll be thinking about how I can help you and if I’m the right person.

If I don’t think I’m the right person, I'll tell you. It’s likely I’ll know someone who will be able to help you, and I’d happily refer you to them if I thought they were better suited.I only want to work with people I know I can help. It works both ways.

It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions you have. Typical things I’m asked are ‘have you helped anyone else like me?’, ‘what happens in coaching sessions’ ‘how long does it take’ but think about what’s important to you and what you’d like to know.

If you were to decide by the end of the call that you’d like to go ahead, we’d then put dates for the coaching programme in both of our diaries and I’d follow up with an e-mail confirming them along with a coaching agreement, an invoice and a questionnaire so you can prepare for the first coaching session.

I hope that’s helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at or if you’re ready to see if we’re a good fit, you can book straight in for a call using this link:

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