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If you’re changing career, you need to read this today!

I’m going to let you in on a secret. If you’re considering, or about to change your career – I know the one thing that could hold you back from succeeding. Above anything else.

It’s not time, it’s not money, it’s not your skills, it’s not practicalities …it’s you. And the little virtue you like to call perfectionism.

I say virtue because we will often tell people, “I’m sorry, I’m a perfectionist” when you ask someone to redo a job for you, or justify why you’re working late on a project or when someone comments on your immaculate working space. But you’re not sorry. You love it. You wear that title like a badge of honour. It’s served you well.

But being a perfectionist may just prove to be your worst enemy when you embark upon a career change. Especially if you’re going from employment to self employment.

I can’t send this email until I’ve got it just right

I need to know absolutely everything about this subject before I try it

I won’t do a Facebook Live – it’s bound to go wrong

Somebody has unsubscribed from my newsletter – I knew it was rubbish

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. And luckily for you, you’ve already recognised it within yourself – otherwise you would have stopped reading by now! So, let’s work together to manage your perfectionism with a few things you can start straight away.

1. When you find yourself procrastinating and talking negatively to yourself, say this out loud “Action is more important then perfection.” Then send the email, apply for the job or hit the go live button!

2. Count back from 5. So, 5,4,3,2, 1 and action. It’s a well-used ‘trick’ made famous by motivational speaker, Mel Robbins. When you’re stuck in that mindset of it has to be perfect first, ignore that instinct and move instead.

3. Delegate. “I have to do it myself or it won’t be perfect.” Spending all your time and energy on parts of your job that others can do just as well, and sorry …maybe even better (!) means you can focus on the important and exciting part of your business. Get a VA, an accountant or a cleaner. Focus on the things that makes you happy, then you’ll be truly effective.

4. And speaking of energy, please be kind to yourself and take a break. The all or nothing, sleep when it’s done mentality is not sustainable. Every. Single. Day.

5. Finally, look for the enjoyment in what you’re doing. If you’re about to make an important call, and you feel tense and exposed – you’re going to get stuck. Look for the purpose in the task. I can offer something that I know will help this person. It could be the beginning of a brilliant partnership. They will be so grateful for the call. It might not always be the case! But don’t take it to heart. Brush yourself down and move onto the next call.

I really hope this helps you, as I’m a perfectionist too. And a business owner who changed careers. So I know it can be done.

“Actually, I woke up one day and decided not to be a perfectionist anymore. So I changed. Just like that.”

Said nobody. Ever.

If you’d like to explore your perfectionism more, and work together to make your career change a massive success – I’d love to help you. Whatever stage you’re at – merely pondering, in the ‘just given notice panic stage’ or already well on your way, I have lots of experience helping women like you let go of their perfectionism and make changes.

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