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Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Welcome to the fourth and final video in our Successful Return to Work video series covering each stage of Maternity Leave.

In this video we will be talking about the conversations that might happen when you have returned to work after maternity leave.

We will cover:

  • Setting boundaries

  • Asking for help

  • Avoiding comparison and judgement

Setting boundaries

When you return to work after maternity leave it is important to consider how you can manage your new life at home with the demands of your work. Setting boundaries is a crucial step in getting used to less elastic days. It is important to understand the value of boundaries and to notice where your boundaries may be blurred, as well as the impact this can have on your productivity and focus.

Asking for help

When you return to work, it is important to realise that you don’t have to shoulder all of the tasks and responsibilities alone. What are you taking responsibility for that you don’t need to? Notice that you need to ask for help and try to pinpoint what help you actually need. It doesn’t just have to be practical, such as help around the house. It can also be emotional support, financial support or support from your line manager. Once you have identified the kind of help you need, look at the tasks this involves and who can provide this kind of support. Remember that lowering your expectations can make it easier to ask for help.

Avoiding comparison and judgement

When it comes to comparison, thinking about values can be a really useful activity and can help take the judgement away. Being clear on why you have chosen to organise your life in a certain way can help anchor you in situations where you feel yourself comparing your choices to other peoples. There is no one right way to do things, just the best way for you to do things at this moment. This is your own journey and that is okay. This is why maternity coaching can be so powerful at this point. It creates a space for you to notice how you’re feeling, what your challenges are and can help you find your place in this new role as a working parent.

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About Laura

Laura is an EMCC qualified and accredited coach with a background in HR and Recruitment. She has 15 years experience of coaching individuals around their professional and personal development. Her own experience of returning to work after having her daughter highlighted that there was a need for more robust support through this transition which lead her to specialise in maternity return coaching. Clients share that they find her to be warm and down to earth, giving them a renewed sense of self belief, motivation and tools to cope in a fast paced and often challenging world. Her coaching approach is grounded in Positive Psychology focussing on mental health and well-being. She see’s her role as providing a safe and calm space for those facing uncertainty and making big changes in their lives.

About Sarah

Sarah is an Executive and Maternity coach with a background in HR, Diversity and Inclusion and Occupational Psychology. A mum herself, Sarah has experienced maternity leave and she has coached numerous women and working parents as they navigate their own journey into parenthood. She brings compassion and empathy to her maternity coaching, priding herself on offering a supportive but empowering space where her clients feel heard and able to find their own way through this stage of their lives.

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