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This brave Mum’s decision: finding a job or starting a business?

Client case study

Making the leap

Cat was in a dilemma. Would she persist in trying to find her dream job locally that offered the progression, fulfilment and flexibility she wanted, or start her own business?

Having followed me as a Coach on social media for a while, Cat hadn’t connected with me until a friend mentioned what a difference coaching with Laura had made to others she knew.

“I had seen Laura’s Instagram posts and videos, and all of her tips and topics really resonated with me as I was considering my next career step. I’d been working hard and commuting long distances for years for a job I loved, but after my second baby it was time for a change.”

Her advice online offered me hope that I could find what I wanted. The type of leadership role I was looking for wasn’t coming up locally, so the other options were freelancing or starting my own business. It was the latter that was the dream for me -but it felt like a big and brave step.

I hesitated to get in touch because my time and budget were under pressure. With two children under two, the lack of headspace to explore the options available to me became a big obstacle. I was feeling frustrated and could feel my confidence starting to erode away. I realised the only way to move forward was to be very deliberate in creating space to have time to think and chat through my options with a professional coach.

So, I got in touch with Laura and explained my challenge. She offered me a free taster coaching session, and that opportunity was the start of a big positive new beginning.

How coaching turned everything around

It’s one of the main reasons Mums come to me for help. They’ve built a successful career which they love. They have a good income and they’re comfortable.

Then, commonly during maternity leave, they decide they want more – more time, more flexibility, more challenges, more excitement.

Their 9-5 employment just doesn’t appeal anymore. They want something that’s theirs. What they want is to be their own boss.

But what a massive decision! And how do you actually get there? How does it all work? You may have the idea, but do you believe in yourself enough to make it happen?

“We had four sessions together. During that time, Laura enabled me to process how I really felt about employment versus self-employment - when I took away all the potential obstacles to both. I realised just how much I wanted to build my own business.

Then, she gave me space and questions to see what I was really passionate about. I realised how much I wanted to help businesses to be the best they could be. It helped me to voice the ambitions I had and see that it was not only possible but realistic to pursue what I really wanted to do.

Those sessions with Laura gave me clarity and a deep conviction to start my own business. I don’t think I would have reached that on my own.

Now I knew what I wanted to do, I found it very helpful to map out and prioritise the practical steps I needed to take to get started. I loved setting out ambitious goals with Laura to build momentum.

I had huge satisfaction in achieving those goals and my courage grew as I celebrated them with Laura next time we met. In each session the entrepreneurial journey became more energising and less daunting.”

What happened next?

Well, Cat went ahead and set up her own business. She now runs business consultancy, Brand Anthem Ltd, while having the flexibility to look after two toddlers. She feels energised, inspired, confident - and has massive ambitions for her business.

Advice to other Mums

“I'm delighted I contacted Laura. She helped me to find the clarity and confidence I needed to keep moving forward in my career.

Laura will give you the time and space you need to process the decisions in front of you, to find the answers you need within yourself, and then make it achievable by breaking it down into doable steps.”

I loved helping Cat to build on her confidence and realise her dream. I know how difficult it is to do that as I’ve been there myself. I left a successful career in HR to start my business as a Coach. And it brings me so much joy to see my clients break through all of the worries, ignore the noise and come through the other side.

You can run your own business and be the Mum you want to be. And I’d love to help you do that. Get in touch for your free Taster Coaching Session and make your first step.

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