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What's working with me like?

A client testimonial

If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work with me, below is some feedback from a recent client of mine, talking about her experience.

She is the Co-Founder and Director of an Insights & Innovation Consultancy, we worked together after she had taken a 2 year career break.

Why did you come to coaching initially?

Lack of clarity about my goal and lack of self-confidence. After 2 years of career break spending time to raise my children, I felt “stuck” in my mother role. I knew I wanted to have my professional life back, but I didn’t want to go back to my old job, I wanted to do something different: I wasn’t sure what I could do and how I could have a fulfilling professional life while taking care of my children, which was a key priority for me.

Last, and definitely not least, I didn’t have the confidence that I could do something different to what I used to do: during those two years of career break, I lost my confidence in my professional abilities, despite having 13 years professional experience!

What were some of the things we did together that were the most useful?

Defining my goal.

Laura was brilliant in providing a safe and calm space where I could reflect on what I wanted out of my professional life beyond having a “job”. I reflected upon my desire of “going back to work” through new lenses and in a new way, figuring out what I would have liked the new work/life balance to be.

I realised I wanted to have a flow in my work and family life, I didn’t want “to burn myself out” while taking care of my children and progressing with my professional life: my professional fulfilment and wellbeing were equally important to me.

Crafting my own work/life flow became my goal.

Setting my priorities. Once I defined my goal, I started to talk with Laura how to translate that into action. It was really effective to make a priority list: what I ideally wanted out of my professional life and what I didn’t want anymore. Flexibility, professional development and a good income became my top three priorities. Having a permanent role in an organisation, Team management, Stakeholders management were the three things at the bottom of my list which I was happy to drop!

Focus on opportunities and next-best action. By asking me the right questions at the right time, Laura truly empowered me to consider all the options on the table, changing my focus from setbacks to opportunities. Through new lenses, I started considering what was at the back of my mind, but I didn’t have the courage and confidence to see, yet! It was also extremely useful to break down my long-term goal into small steps, focusing on “what to do next”. I re-built my confidence by progressing with small steps towards my long-term goal: crafting my very own work/life flow. Once I decided I wanted to set-up my business, I came up with a meaningful name, built a very basic website and found my first project via word of mouth: just by sharing my availability within my professional network. At that point I knew that I could do it and having a supportive partner in this process has been absolutely important! Nothing has been easy, and nothing is easy for a woman who aims to have a fulfilling professional life as well as taking care of her family, but all is worthy! Coaching with Laura provided me with a safe reflecting safe space where I could remind myself of my professional value and how my experience as mother had strengthened my resilience and drive. At the end of my coaching my confidence was back and stronger!

My personal journey with Laura has been empowering and life changing.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can support you through a similar transition, please be in touch using or book into my diary for a complimentary call using this link:

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